These posts discuss the real life ups and downs of living as a Tall Girl. 

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Dear 16 Year Old Jenna

A letter to all of the tall young girls who are struggling to love their height.

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Italy Trip 2019

I got back from my two week vacation to Italy a few days ago and I am still happily full from the amount of pasta/pizza/wine I consumed. As is true for most places, the pictures don’t do justice to the beautiful scenery I had the privilege of soaking in while I was there. I’ve pulled together lists of some of my favorite outfits and experiences I had while in Italy. I hope you enjoy!


Thailand Trip 2018

My recent trip to Thailand went by way too quickly, as most vacations do. The trip was so magical that I found it only necessary to share with you the places we visited, food we ate, and most importantly the clothes I wore.


To Wear Heels or to Not Wear Heels?