Tall Girl Takeover Feature Fridays

Every Friday a Tall Girl who embodies the spirit of Tall Girl Takeover will be featured. Each week we'll be chatting with a new Tall Girl about the good, the bad, and everything in between about being tall! I hope this Feature Friday series will inspire you to love your height and to realize we've all had (and sometimes still have!) insecurities about our height. Thankfully, we're in this together. And I'm here to tell you your long limbs are beautiful. 


Feature Friday 18: Alisha

A fashion design teacher who makes her own #TallFriendly clothes.


Feature Friday 17: Melissa & Cadence

A mother daughter duo!


Feature Friday 16: Rin Olson


Feature Friday 15: Charlotte & Sherene

The creators of CoIX shoes, an extended shoe size brand.


Feature 14: Kelsey Vickrey

Serena Boccara TGTFF.jpg

Feature 13: Serena Boccara


Feature 12: Nora Lundqvist

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 8.31.53 PM.png

Feature 11: Delaney

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 2.28.45 PM.png

Feature 10: Tanasha


Feature 9: Candice


Feature 8: Jacqueline Ilumoka

When you ask someone what they do for a living they often times say they’re a marketer, a content creator, or (if only) a model! This week’s Tall Girl Feature Friday, Jacqueline Ilumoka, isn’t one of those, she does all three!! Not to mention, in 2014 she won Miss Black Africa UK. What can’t this woman do?! I LOVE that Jacqueline slays in her 6’ body and she has the most amazing sense of style.


Feature 7: Lindsey Simon

For this week’s Feature Friday I’m so excited to introduce y’all to the wonderful and talented 6’ bombshell. When she’s not occupied with her full time job of running social media for various brands in Chicago, she’s busy scouring thrift stores and her Grandma’s closet for unique pieces that will suit her long limbs. After all, she’s going to stick out since she’s so tall, so why not look killer while doing so?!


Feature 6: Sade Akindele

Drum roll, please!!! For today’s Tall GIrl Takeover Feature Friday I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to a friend who’s very near and dear to my heart: Sade Akindele. Please show some love to the 6’ (185cm) beauty from Colorado, who’s now living it in up in the Netherlands where she no longer has to deal with the daily occurrence of people feeling the need to tell her how tall she is (The Netherlands sound like a dream!).

Ana DeHamer.jpg

Feature 5: Anna DeHamer

I was always the tallest girl in my class growing up. That was until I started attending the same high school as Anna DeHamer, the 6’7” kind-hearted beauty. Anna is a few years older than me so I remember looking up to her and admiring how gracefully she held her height. Nowadays Anna is striving to become an advocate for all tall women, showing them through actions and words that being tall is absolutely amazing!!

Jenilee and Caitlin.jpg

Feature 4: Jenilee and Caitlin 

Doubling down on the Tall Girls for double the fun in this week’s Tall Girl Takeover Feature Friday!! Introducing the gorgeous sister duo - Jenilee who stands at 6’4” and Caitlin who stands 5’11” (Talk about good genetics!). These lovely ladies are the co-creators of The Real Tall. Their passion for fashion inspired them to start their account as a way to find tall fashion pieces that fit them correctly.


Feature 3: Megan Reilley

This 6'1" beauty has taken the issue of finding clothes that fit properly into her own hands and is in the process of designing her own clothing brand for tall women!


Feature 2: Eliska De Vries

For the second Tall Girl Takeover Feature Friday we’re celebrating Eliska De Vries, the 6’4” Netherland based beauty.

DSC_0489 (1).jpg

Feature 1: Laura Leap 

I'm so excited for the first Feature Friday to be featuring the wonderful, smart, and oh-so-talented Laura Leap. Laura exudes confidence through every inch of her 6'4" body. Although she's not keen on having to bend her knees to fit under most shower heads (we've all been there!), she loves walking into any room and instantly grabbing everyone's attention.